Hoogalit Inc.

Hoogalit takes the proven science of early primary development with emerging voice technologies and AI, to maximize the potential of every child. Our first product, AskMyClass, is an elementary teacher's assistant on Alexa. Teachers say a few words to the Alexa smart speaker to play audio activities that help build student focus, listening skills, social-emotional skills, and academic practice to stay on pace at school. Our next product, Sound Town, uses interactive voice technology in a web app to equitably help young children build pre-reading skills through playful micro-lessons both for the 3-6-year old children.


Aparna Ramanathan, M.D.

CEO & Co-founder of Hoogalit Inc.


Aparna worked for 11 years as a medical doctor in Australia. Moving to the U.S. in 2011, Aparna performed mental health coaching to professional women with biofeedback data. In 2016, leveraging the accessibility of screen-free, low-cost voice technology, she began supporting children to build social and mental resilience skills. A year later, Aparna launched AskMyClass to provide behavioral support activities for the PK-6 classroom. In 2020, Aparna applied speech technology to early literacy to create Sound Town, a preschool phonological awareness program with funding support from the Institute of Education Sciences. Aparna completed Y Combinator’s accelerator in 2018 and the WISE Global education accelerator in 2020.


Deepak Ramanathan, B.Eng, M.Eng, MBA

CTO & Co-founder of Hoogalit Inc.


Deepak is an engineer, computer scientist, product developer, and marketing executive in the technology industry, having worked for over 20 years at IBM, Google, and Twitter. In particular, Deepak worked on artificial intelligence and voice assistive technology, as well as the Google for education teams. At Twitter, Deepak worked in a global leadership role, distributing and scaling new product innovations globally. He co-founded AskMyClass with his wife in 2017 and is now building a speech-interactive app for early literacy development. Deepak completed Y Combinator’s accelerator in 2018 and WISE Global accelerator in 2020.


Genevieve Gorback, M.Ed

Content Creator


Genevieve is an early childhood educator who received her Masters of Education in Teaching from University of California in Santa Barbara and her Early Childhood Education units from Foothill College and holds a Program Director level Child Development Permit. In 2016, she was awarded the Audrey Sanchez Teacher Engagement Award from the California Kindergarten Association, and serves on their Board of Directors. Now as president of the California Kindergarten Association, Ms. Gorback advocates for developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom. Currently, she is an Early Childhood Content Developer for AskMyClass and Sound Town.


Jessica Wen

Digital Marketing Intern


Jessica is a rising third-year at the University of Virginia, majoring in Commerce and Computer Science. She has always had a particular interest in education, taking elective classes at school centered around cognitive psychology and pursuing a statistical research project about education in the U.S. As EarlyLiteracyClub’s intern, Jessica has had the opportunity of working with experts in the field of early literacy, using her skills in digital marketing to promote important research, activities, and strategies in the field.

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